Vessel Loading

  • 24x7 CESI representation on board
  • Barges / cargo availability
  • Vessel loading operation

Terminal Readiness

  • Coal preparation and blending monitoring if done
  • Stockpile rotation
  • Monitor and report contamination

Cargo Sampling Witnessing

  • Witness sampling procedures
  • Witness sampling preparation

Barge Loading

  • Inventory (Cargo availability)
  • Barge schedule
  • Barge loading (date/time)

Stockpile Management

  • Stockpile managed based on coal origin and seams (mine)
  • Receipt of cargo per specification
  • Coal quality (pre shipment data)

Mine Survey

  • Short term mine planning surveys
  • Coal preparation surveys
  • Equipment surveys

Local Intelligence

Review appropriate logistics and quality assurance sections of supply agreements to comment on compliance with local regulation, terminal rules, facilities and procedures

About CESI
About CESI

Coal Export Services International (CESI) offers a wide range of consulting and field services to consumers, trading companies and, producers of coal and other bulk commodities. Our staffs include industry professionals with extensive experience in mining, transportation, quality assessments and quantity surveys.

Services Overview
Services Overview

Services Deliverables

  • CESI can commit to the following service deliverables
  • 24 x 7 Operations
  • Documented working procedures
  • Daily and consistent cargo reporting